An IoT Data Acquisition Platform

STATDATA Solutions is a provider of a universal IoT data collection platform based on industry standards. Its IoTconnect™ platform is a highly flexible IoT data management and integration solution that simplify the on-demand access, collection, integration and analysis of IoT data.

Our Technology

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a mainstream topic, there is a growing recognition of the impact it will have on data collection, aggregation and business analytics. A variety of new machines, sensors, devices and automation systems come online daily and feed information into database systems. IoTconnect™ is the only technology designed to capture IoT data (time series or otherwise,) from any device/sensor/automation system and deliver it indexed and classified to be consumed by enterprise application or analytic tools.


The core technology, based on extensive research and development, is agent-based and collects time series data through its IoT Data Acquisition Client (IDAC), cleansing and monitoring of the data and the descriptive attributes and structures (metadata) that assists the user in constructing meaningful queries when analyzing the data.

IoTconnect™ is capable of collecting data from disparate sources, such as building automation systems (BAS), smart meters, lighting sensors and energy markets, and displaying it in formats tailored for different viewers depending on their roles:

  • Executives
  • Managers and Business Analysts
  • Engineers and Facility Managers
  • Users, Occupants and the Public in General

It is especially useful to operators of large portfolios of geographically dispersed commercial and industrial buildings or campuses. This is one of the reasons that IoTconnect™ was selected to provide monitoring applications to the Architect of the U.S. Capitol, allowing the U.S. House of Representatives multiple buildings to be implemented first, and other parts of the Capitol building implemented in stages.

IoTconnect™ manages the complex relationships among devices, buildings/facilities, users, applications, networks and services that must be managed. With its automated process and workflows, it can gather real-time device/sensor data and integrate it, via its advanced API, with enterprise systems.

IoTconnect™ Data Acquisition Software is a versatile, fail-safe data collection platform supporting the most widely used Building Automation Systems, Control Systems, Data Loggers, Data Acquisition Servers Devices and sensors. The ability to add new agents gives the software the potential to collect any type of data from any source. Now in its 4th major release and 8th year, our software has collected over 725 million samples from nearly 300 clients worldwide.

IoTconnect™ support sample rates between 1 minute and annual. Data types can be Analog, Binary ({on, off}, {open, closed}, etc.), Multi-State ({true, false, unknown}, {on, off, error}, {open, closed, alarm}, etc.) or Text (alarm messages, RSS feeds, etc.). Collected samples are transformed into a common CSV format and an XML schema that can be readily transmitted over a secure SSL-encrypted (HTTPS) connection or processed by ETL.

Data collection is supported for the most widely used devices and protocols including Building Automation Systems, Control Systems, Data Loggers, Data Acquisition Servers and Devices, to include over 30 protocols but not limited to. Additional protocols can be easily added to IoTconnectâ„¢ universal gateway library. Data collection is also supported from databases, files and web services, to include but not limited to:

HTML NOAA Weather WeatherBug
XML USNO Sun & Moon Delimited Text
OLE DB Novar Controls Enphase Enlighten