An IoT Data Acquisition Platform

STATDATA Solutions is a provider of a universal IoT data collection platform based on industry standards. Its IoTconnect™ platform is a highly flexible IoT data management and integration solution that simplify the on-demand access, collection, integration and analysis of IoT data.

Our Technology

Our IoTconnect™ solution allows enterprises the ability to expose time series, IoT data for classification and indexing based on their business purpose – device/sensor type, location, resource usage, maintenance condition and more. IoTconnect™ is capable of processing large volume of collected IoT data and store it, either in the cloud or behind the firewall, in a highly secure environment for integration and/or analysis.

IoTconnect™ core technology, based on extensive research, includes over 30 device/sensor protocols. Its open architecture allows for incorporating any IoT-based device communication protocols that allow the highest degree of information assurance and governance of the IoT data. IoTconnect™ leverages existing networks and integrates into enterprise application for analysis and financial reconciliation.

Our Team

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