An IoT Data Acquisition Platform

STATDATA Solutions is a provider of a universal IoT data collection platform based on industry standards. Its IoTconnect™ platform is a highly flexible IoT data management and integration solution that simplify the on-demand access, collection, integration and analysis of IoT data.

Our Solutions

IoT platforms are receiving a significant amount of attention because it is closely tied to providing business value. IoTconnect™ links endpoints to data repositories and the applications and analytics needed to generate business outcomes. It enables the data generated at the endpoints (the Edge) to be processed and meaningfully used by end users.

STATDATA’s IoTconnect™ delivers tremendous benefits downstream during IoT data collection, indexing and classification for the purpose of financial and accounting analysis, regulatory compliance and litigation event, as well as upstream in the overall IoT data management and governance of IoT information, access and visibility by authorized personnel and information security.

IoTconnect™ manages the complex relationships among IoT devices, buildings/facilities, users, applications, networks and services that must be managed. With its automated process and workflows, it can gather real-time device/sensor data and integrate it, via its advanced API, with enterprise systems. Our solutions are designed to deliver:

  • Risk Mitigation – From regulatory requirements, compliance audits, legal challenges, and overall exposure to poorly managed IoT data collection and integration to enterprise applications
  • Cost Cutting – Proactive and on-going IoT data management (before it’s a problem) can easily reduce costs and increase productivity
Industry Solutions

Internet connected devices provide enormous amounts of valuable data to improve and enhance insights and actions across industries.

Learn how different industries can utilize, and benefit from IoTconnect™

Commercial & Industrial Facilities

Collect and manage device, sensor and building automation data. Energy, gas, steam and water usage and consumption data is collected. IoT data can be mapped to corporate application and analytic tools. Issues and opportunities around energy, the environment, and sustainability impact every individual and every business, worldwide. With data centers for example, using 10-30 times more energy per square foot than office space, data center energy use doubling every 5 years, and delayed capital investments in new power plants — energy efficiency is becoming a key metric of IT operational effectiveness. And a green IT strategy is becoming a necessity. An IoTconncet™ - based Energy Performance Management enterprises can address critical energy and power usage, costs and carbon footprint. By combining hardware, software and services offerings, companies improve service, better manage risk, and resolve resource constraints, all while reducing overall energy costs by 20-40%.

Energy and Resources

Enable smart collection of utility consumption (gas, water, electricity) & generation (solar) data. Utility companies (power, water, and gas) are looking for more efficient asset management at the residential level, which can be done through smart metering (using sensors to transfer data in real-time) rather than the traditional manual meter-reading. Energy demand can be adjusted through a triggering system to avoid dramatic swings in usage and system overload.

IoTconnect has the potential to be the backbone of the “internet of energy” since it will enable widespread, efficient and cost effective collection of IoT-generated data and integration of these technologies.

Health & Safety

Monitoring food safety, water & air quality, are of utmost importance to public officials and consumers alike. IoT-based devices, sensors and systems are being incorporated into the food/water supply chain, generating considerable amount of data that can be analyzed for safety.

Water quality

Global concerns and recent issues give rise to a growing need for communities and cities to be able to have greater control over the water they drink. IoTconnect™ collects, in real-time data from a variety of sensors that can be analyzed and compared against a national data-set in order to detect and identify abnormalities and alert officials and consumers.

Air quality

Air quality is a growing concern. IoTconnect™ can collect sensors-generated data that measure the amount of particulate matter in the air, deposit the data in an analytic database and compare it against recommended safety levels.

Food safety

The vast and complex food supply chain can mean that manual tracing of food back to its origin can be time-consuming and problematic. IoTconnect™ enables food producers to collect time series data in real time from the various IoT devices and sensors, and monitor key production conditions, shipping time, and, perhaps most important, temperature. The traceability along the chain gives companies assurance they are following acceptable food safety standards.

Emergency response

IoTconnect™ collects data from security cameras in real time. The IoT-collected data is then indexed and classified based on security requirements and is used for predictive crime analytics, enabling public security officers to focus their attention on high probability security and safety risks. The analyzed data can then be provided to field officers and central operations leading to better intelligence on a situation before arrival, which can streamline the efforts and ability to make more informed decisions.