An IoT Data Acquisition Platform

STATDATA Solutions is a provider of a universal IoT data collection platform based on industry standards. Its IoTconnect™ platform is a highly flexible IoT data management and integration solution that simplify the on-demand access, collection, integration and analysis of IoT data.


According to Gartner Research, 2016/17 will be a very big year for IoT adoption. We are starting to see a wide range of IoT use cases across virtually all industries. But, the big challenge now is understanding where the information is coming from — type of devices, data type, data points, etc. STATDATA Solutions’ “IoT Discovery Workshop” will help you develop and implement a plan that will identify the various IoT devices/sensors, determine the data points and IoT data collection methodology.


Nearly all analysts agree that IoT data acquisition requires managing – organizing – IoT data at the edge. It allows for the pro-active data collection, indexing and classification enterprise wide. IoT data collection encompasses more than the traditional device-specific data acquisition.
From a technology perspective, it calls for a universal platform – IoTconnect™ – addressing all business requirements for IoT data collection – from simple aggregation, to advanced hierarchical indexing and classification to integration with enterprise application and data analytics.


IoTconnect™ platform is designed to collect and aggregate IoT and sustainability data from multiple sources, have the data integrated with enterprise application, and visualize it in formats designed for different users – role-based reporting and visualization.

IoTconnect™ is capable of collecting data from disparate sources, such as building automation systems (BAS), smart meters, lighting and camera sensors and solar energy markets, and provided it in formats tailored for different viewers depending on their roles:

  • → Executives Managers and business analysts
  • → Engineers and facility managers
  • → Users, occupants and the public in general
Our Technology

Our IoTconnect™ solution allows enterprises the ability to expose time series, IoT data for classification and indexing based on their business purpose – device/sensor type, location, resource usage, maintenance condition and more. IoTconnect™ is capable of processing large volume of collected IoT data and store it, either in the cloud or behind the firewall, in a highly secure environment for integration and/or analysis.

IoTconnect™ core technology, based on extensive research, includes over 30 device/sensor protocols. Its open architecture allows for incorporating any IoT-based device communication protocols that allow the highest degree of information assurance and governance of the IoT data. IoTconnect™ leverages existing networks and integrates into enterprise application for analysis and financial reconciliation.